COVID-19 Updates
Most Massasoit activities are happening remotely, with very limited in-person activity. Plans for summer and fall are posted here.  Read More

Brockton Campus

Alessandra Monteiro
508-588-9100 x1462

Office: SC199

Evan Desatnick
Associate Director of Transfer Services
508-588-9100 x1463

Office: SC196

Brandi Turini
Academic Coordinator
508-588-9100 x1640

Office: SC197

Christopher Moran
Senior Academic Counselor
508-588-9100 x1464

Office: SC198

Sharyn McCaughey
Senior Academic Counselor
508-588-9100 x1490

Office: SC195

Julien Marques
Academic Coordinator of TOP/ITA and Trade Programs
508-588-9100 x1643

Office: SC192

Dan Vang
Academic Counselor
508-588-9100 x1469

Office: SC226D

Laurie Hinken
Senior Academic Counselor
508-588-9100 x1466

Office: SC189

Nicole R. Precourt
Academic Career Counselor
508-588-9100 x1456

Office: SC193

Jennifer Fahey
Administrative Assistant II
508-588-9100 x1467

Office: SC161

Canton Campus

Arlene Ford Dyment
Senior Academic Counselor
508-588-9100 x2468

Office: C120

Middleborough Center

Kathleen Mason
Senior Academic Counselor
508-588-9100 x4003

Office: MD107