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My Experience Counts

Get Academic Credit for the Life Experience You Have

Knowledge isn’t just limited to what you have learned from a textbook. Link your life experience with academic learning and credit at Massasoit. Students enrolled in a degree or certificate program at Massasoit may earn credit for prior learning (CPL).

Credit may be earned in a variety of ways including credentialing for certifications and training, such as the Fire Academy, EMT, and military for the award of credit, as well as portfolio assessment, and challenge exams. Students interested in any of the Credit for Prior Learning options should create a profile by visiting

To assess your experience, students are required to submit the Petition for Credit for Prior Learning (PDF).

Massasoit Community College awards Credit for Prior Learning through the following assessments:

Your military occupation, training, experience, and coursework could give you academic credits earned through the CPL evaluation. Accepted military credits are transferable within the Massachusetts public higher education system in accordance with the MassTransfer agreement. Military credits are processed through the Office of Veteran Services.

Credential Review
Credentialing is the process of awarding academic credit for courses, training, workshops, and/or examinations taken outside accredited college programs. Successful completion of this learning results in a credential, which may be in the form of a certificate, transcript, or license.

Course credit is determined by faculty review, or based on nationally recognized credit recommendations from the American Council on Education. Examples of the types of courses or training that might receive credit include: EMT Basic, business-related seminars and workshops, certain types of military training, and Massachusetts Firefighting Academy certifications.  No fee is charged for a credential review.
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For additional information about Credit for Prior Learning, visit:
Not available to criminal justice students due to a mandate from the Massachusetts Board of Higher Education.

Fire Science Majors ONLY
A Massachusetts Fire Academy Transcript is required for earning Credit for Prior Learning for FIRE 101.
For additional information, please email Julien Marques.

Challenge Exams/Competency Exams

Advanced Placement Exam
Did you take AP courses in high school? The CollegeBoard’s AP exams are accepted for courses that have been approved by Massasoit faculty. AP credits are processed through the Registrar’s Office and require an official CollegeBoard score transcript.
Advanced Placement (AP) Exam (PDF)
Cost: fee paid to College Board
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College Level Examination Program (CLEP)
CLEP is a series of standardized exams designed by CollegeBoard to assess knowledge acquired through non-traditional methods. General exam subjects include english, humanities, mathematics, and natural sciences/history. You are a good candidate for CLEP if you have acquired substantial knowledge in general education subjects, such as english, math, history, or psychology. Download the CLEP information sheet.  CLEP credits are processed through the Registrar’s Office and require an official CLEP score transcript.
Cost: fee paid to CLEP
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DSST Subject Standardized Test
The DSST subject test is a nationally recognized exam administered through Prometric and covers a wide range of technical business and academic subjects.
Cost: fee paid to DSST/Prometric
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Departmental Challenge Exams
Are you looking to demonstrate your knowledge on a subject? Take a departmental challenge exam. Developed by Massasoit faculty, departmental challenge exams are for courses for which nationally recognized exams do not exist and an exam is appropriate. A grade of C- or better is required to earn college credit through a departmental challenge exam. NOTE: For Spring 2021 only biology departmental challenge exam is available.

Portfolio Assessment
A portfolio contains a collection of documents and reflective writing that showcases the competencies, formal training, and general knowledge attained through prior work or general life experience.
Students interested in developing portfolios are provided with appropriate guidelines and the final portfolio is reviewed and evaluated by faculty who verify that the documentation represents learning that is at the college level.

Below are the basic steps of the Assessment process:

  • Coordination between the student and the appropriate Division Dean to determine whether the petition for credit for prior learning is viable and to recruit faculty to conduct a portfolio assessment
  • Processing a nonrefundable Credit for Prior Learning fee payment of $50 per credit prior to scheduling a portfolio assessment
  • Recording and reporting of credit for prior learning awarded through portfolio assessment

Cost: $50/credit to initiate review process
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For additional information about Credit for Prior Learning, visit:
Not available to Criminal Justice students due to a mandate from the Mass Board of Higher Education.

Credit for Prior Learning Restrictions

  • Credit for Prior Learning assessments cannot be used to improve an existing grade or replace a grade of Withdrawal or Incomplete.
  • Credit for Prior Learning assessments are not covered by financial aid and do not generally transfer to other colleges.
  • A nonrefundable fee of $50 per credit is required to schedule a departmental exam and to initiate a portfolio assessment. No fee is required for a credential review.
  • The Criminal Justice program is not eligible for credit for prior learning per Board of Higher Education guidelines implemented in January 2004.
  • Once Credit for Prior Learning has been awarded, it is part of the permanent record.

To assess your experience students are required to Petition for Credit for Prior Learning (PDF).