Whether your business is in need of a customized training program for a large group of employees or a more general training for a few staff, Massasoit’s Corporate Education department is ready to help.We will present you with options that are in line with your specific training goals, timeframes, and budget.Training options include Customized Training Solutions and Open Enrollment programs.

Through careful analysis of our customer’s requirements, we design training programs that match their specific needs.We train staff at customer work sites or at one of our three South Shore locations (Brockton, Canton & Middleborough), during hours that are most productive for their businesses. Our instructors are top quality subject matter experts who teach everything from technical courses such as Lean Manufacturing and OSHA, to courses in Management, Employee Development, Software, Human Resources, and Healthcare.

Customized training offers quality, cost-effective training services within the convenience of your own facility.Here is how our model works:

Employer Needs Assessment

Through a personal interview process, we collaborate with customers to identify every aspect of their training needs.This assessment sets a solid foundation for their customized program.

Customized Program Design

Making employees more productive is our mission.We create new, specialized training programs for industries in need of specific skill clusters.

Training Delivery

Our expert instructors provide the concentrated training and support needed to get your staff to the next level.All of our instructors are knowledgeable professionals with strong teaching skills and extensive credentials.They are carefully selected to fit each program we offer.

Ongoing Curriculum Development

Understanding that your company’s training needs are not static, we make an investment in evaluating course progress and make adjustments to achieve expected goals.

Smarter, More Efficient Employees

When it’s all said and done, it’s all about preparing our customer’s staff to perform at a higher level, which often leads to greater job satisfaction and retention.

We look forward to meeting with you to discuss which training option is best for you and your organization.For more information please contact Maryellen Brett, Director of Corporate Education or call 508-588-9100 x 1302.