Who Must Re-apply?

  • All students who are academically eligible and have not been in attendance for more than three consecutive semesters.
  • All students who were academically deficient but are now in good standing or have not attended or attended non-degree for one semester. (Academic Progress)
  • All Health Career applicants who are not enrolled in their Health Career program, must re-apply through Admissions.

Re-admitted students will follow new program requirements for the semester they are re-admitted.

Health Career applicants will be re-admitted based on academic eligibility, space availability and with the recommendation of the department chairperson.

The Director of Admissions will notify Health Career re-admitted applicants in writing regarding their admissions status.

All non-Health Care readmitted applicants must make an appointment with an academic counselor in the Advising, Career & Transfer Center to review class selection and course requirements for graduation. You may also print off your own transcript and degree audit using the Massasoit Web site.

Three Semester Rule:

All students in a degree program who are academically eligible but who have not been in attendance for up to three consecutive semesters are eligible to maintain their degree status as long as they register for classes by the fourth consecutive semester (with the exception of Health Career programs).

Three semester students do not need to re-apply.

Three semester students will follow the program requirements for the semester that they were previously admitted.